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Choosing the right website domain name to reach the World Wide Web

Choosing the right website domain name

The domain name it's your business identity, product branding and needs to be easy to find and promote. Basic knowledge of Internet marketing could increase your understanding. We can assist and search for your web domain name preferences and on your acceptance register an available domain name and also manage your email addresses

Tips for Choosing the Right Domain

Internet Marketing is a Holistic Concept

1.  Make your domain name easy to type.
2.  Keep the domain name short.
3.  Use keywords that describe the business.
4.  Target your area if your business is local.
5. Avoid numbers and hyphens.
6.  Be memorable and makes sense to others.
7.  Research the domain name for legalities.
8.  Use an appropriate domain name extension.
     Extensions are suffixes such as .com or​

Internet marketing is complex; a broad and integrated perspective is necessary for developing and implementing an internet marketing program to achieve your objectives. 
Internet marketing attempts to perfect the segmentation strategy used in traditional marketing. The Internet targets its audience more precisely, known as personalised or one-to-one marketing. It is broad in scope and includes marketing via e-mail and driving audience from traditional marketing methods such as radio print media and billboard to internet properties or landing page and direct sales "e-marketing." 

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