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Based in Sydney Australia for two decades, I worked for the Australian Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and major Australian and Southeast Asian companies. My role was in the application of practical design for the manufacturing of lifestyle products; the branding, marketing and sales. I designed and published several major publications for the promotion and marketing of high-end Australian designer products.

A move to Perth, Western Australia in 1996 saw me, in conjunction with my sister, establish an advertising business, the success of which by the year 2000, resulted in a sea-change to a tourist destination on the coast of the Southern Ocean.

Here I became actively involved in building and marketing Tree Elle, a retreat featuring luxury country tourist accommodation set in grand gardens. Tree Elle and the surrounding attractions in the Valley of the Giants needed to be promoted.  Hence, following establishing the Valley of the Giants Tourist and Heritage Association (VOGTHA Inc.), my interest developed in online technology as a powerful marketing tool. 

When Tree Elle sold in 2012, I moved into the charming coastal town of Denmark, where for the Visitors Centre and the Shire I became actively involved in the promotion and website development for the vibrant tourist interest in the area. ​

With hours of tutorials, excellent technical assistance and practical application, I applied both my background and these more recently learned skills to Reach World Wide Web.

Elle Mackay

Internet Marketing opportunities are boundless. I would like to share with you what I know and help you build and manage your web presence.

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